Deliverable Number Work Package Deliverable Title Lead Beneficiary Downloads
D1.1 WP1 PLAID data management plan  HUT Data Management Plan
D1.2 WP1 PLAID web-site  HUT  
D1.3 WP1 Final data management plan  HUT  
D2.1 WP2 Initial conceptual framework and typology  Ruralis Conceptual framework
D2.2 WP2 Revised conceptual framework and typology WUR  
D2.3 WP2 Information notes on demonstration activity, learning, innovation Ruralis  
D3.1 WP3 Data collection template and guidance notes HUT  
D3.2 WP3 Posters and summaries of national demonstration activities ACTA  
D3.3 WP3 Searchable georeferenced database HUT Searchable georeferenced database
D3.4 WP3 WP3 Synthesis report with supraregional summaries HUT

Supra-regional summaries

Policy Brief

French Translation

German Translation

Italian Translation

Polish Translation

D4.1 WP4 Set of 14 virtual demonstration farms NAAS  
D4.2 WP4 Set of 28 videos FiBL Description of videos and links
D4.3 WP4 Virtual demonstration good practice guidelines and training materials NAAS Good practice guidelines for virtual demonstration
D5.1 WP5 Set of 24 selected cases INTIA Selecting 24 case studies
D5.2 WP5 WP5 Report WUR  
D5.3 WP5 Best practice materials WUR  
D6.1 WP6 Validated decision- support tools ISP  
D6.2 WP6 WP6 Synthesis report ISP  
D6.3 WP6 Policy and governance briefs ACTA  
D7.1 WP7 Initial dissemination plan  ACTA  
D7.2 WP7 Midterm dissemination report ACTA Dissemination report
D7.3 WP7 Final dissemination report ACTA  
D7.4 WP7 Final conference ACTA  
D7.5 WP7 Set of midterm practice abstracts ACTA  
D7.6 WP7 Practice abstracts from the second reporting period ACTA  
D8.1 WP8 H - Requirement No. 1 HUT  
D8.2 WP8 - Requirement No. 2 HUT